• Firebird

    One act ballet (Russian fairy tale in 2 scenes).

    Luxurious garden encircled by a high stone wall. Above him on the high mountain there is the castle of Kashchei the Deathless. The darkness of the night is suddenly illuminated. This means Firebird flew into the garden of the Kashchei to pick up the golden apples. Flew and disappeared. Ivan the Prince appears on the wall. In pursuit of the magic bird, he climbs over the wall and looks around, not knowing where he has come. In the depths of the garden, Ivan sees a series of petrified knights. They had previously come to this garden, trying to reclaim their brides abducted by the evil Kashchei. He turned all of them into stone blocks that were already overgrown with moss. Ivan now does not think about them, he wants to catch the Firebird.

    Another flash of blinding light means a new flight of the bird. Ivan is hiding. Firebird sparkles. When it approached a tree with golden apples, the prince catches it. The bird tries to escape, beats, trembles, but its forces gradually weaken. The Firebird descends to the earth, and prays plaintively for mercy. Ivan feels sorry for it, and he releases the Firebird. In gratitude, it gives the prince its fiery feather. "It will be useful to you," promises the Firebird and flies away.

    Ivan the Prince already wants to leave the garden, as 13 captive princesses descend from the top of the castle, among them an incomparable Beloved Beauty. In long white dresses barefoot at night they came to frolic and play with golden apples. Not seeing Ivan, girls are thrown apples to each other, and laughter. But the apple of Beloved Beauty flew to the wall where Ivan was hiding. He picked up the apple and gives it back to the girls with bow. Those at first are frightened of the stranger, but, having seen his beauty and courtesy, accept him in their round dances. Morning comes. Girls run away to the castle, Ivan tries to catch up with them, but the Beloved Beauty stops him. "You will die if you open the golden gate leading up to the castle." Warned and withdrew, closing those magic gates.

    Without thinking for a long time, Ivan cuts through the gate by saber, and a terrible chime announces the garden. Kingdom of Kashchei sprang out. Different monsters rush at the good young man, but he easily throws them off his shoulders. Kashchei, tall, like a skeleton old man, appears too. He called Ivan for questioning. He came closer, wanted even to take off his hat to greet the owner, but as he saw the sorcerer’s foul face, he just spat out of his frustration. The surrounding scum snarled in indignation and firmly fell on the prince. In vain prisoner girls pray Kashchei to forgive Ivan, but he gets angry and spells. The servants fled, - Ivan will now turn into a stone. Having gathered his last strength, the prince pulls a feather out of his bosom. He just waved it, and the Firebird has already arrived for help.

    Bright light blinds others, and they are forced to go to the frigging dance. The whirlwind of the dance picked up and swirled various kikimore, bilibosh and other vermin. Kashchei himself also can not stand on his feet. All the servants fell to the floor. The Firebird sways smoothly over them, the cradle of the entire kingdom of Kashchei lulled to sleep. Ivan wants to carry away the Beloved Beauty that he loved, but the Firebird leads him to a hollow in a tree. There is a casket in that hollow, an egg in a casket, and Kashchei's death in an egg. The kingdom woke up, Kashchei himself runs to the casket, but it is too late. Ivan took out the egg, presses it, and Kashchei throws from side to side. Ivan threw an egg on the ground, and Kashchei was poured, and his whole kingdom was gone.

    The castle turns into a Christian Church. Knights come to life, everyone finds his lost bride. Ivan the Prince declares the Beloved Beauty of his wife and he is called Majesty to the Kingdom.


    Choreographic drama in one act to the music of N. Rimsky-Korsakov.


    The Palace of Sultan Shakhriyar. Odalisques and beloved wife Zubayda are entertaining a bored host. Here is the younger brother of Sultan, Shakhzaman, he lost faith in women after the betrayal of his beloved wife. He does not believe his brother’s wives and offers his brother to test their loyalty. Both sultans leave for the hunt, wives touchingly say them goodbye. However, immediately after the owners leave, they bribe the main eunuch who opens the door of the harem. Black slaves burst in and shameless depravity begins. Zubayda, having fun with his beloved Slave, reigns here too. Brothers return in the midst of "fun". Shakhzaman triumphs, Shakhriyar in anger orders to execute everyone on the spot.

    Servants of the Sultan strike odalisques, eunuchs and black slaves with swords. Sultan’s wife Zubayda, whom the husband believed more than himself, relying on her power over Shakhriyar, is trying to appease him. The Sultan is unable to give the order for her execution. But the insidious brother contemptuously points to Zubaida's hacked lover. Shakhriyar gives a sign to the executioners, but his wife manages to snatch his dagger from the Sultan and hit herself with it. Shakhriyar is crying over a corpse of an unfaithful, but beloved woman.


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