Cartoon "Yakari"

Sat 8.05.2021 11:00

Yakari is a cheerful Indian boy, very curious, loving nature and all animals. He is endowed with a special gift that many children dream of: Yakari understands the language of animals and can speak to them. Yakari's best friend is the proud pony Small Thunder. Together with Little Thunder and his friends - the Indian boy "Future Bison" and the Indian girl Rainbow - Yakari wanders through the forests and mountains, getting on an adventure at the same time.They are surrounded by many interesting things: strong buffaloes, hardworking beavers, medicinal plants, packs of wolves and cunning coyotes. Numerous dangers await the company: insidious gluttons, aggressive cougars, attacks, fires and avalanches. But as soon as the guys find themselves in difficult situations, the Big Eagle comes to their aid ...

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