Sun 8.03.2020 19:00

Peoples' Friendship Palace

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  • For beloved ladies!

    March 8, International Women's Day - Emin.

    Emin Agalarov sets off on the Good Love world tour, which will be the largest in his entire musical career. Tours, within which the artist plans to visit the USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Britain, Czech Republic, Austria, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Russia and Azerbaijan. Emin, a talented singer from Azerbaijan, has an army of fans all over the world. He performs compositions in different styles, regularly gives concerts, and is also a successful entrepreneur. Emin says that songs are his hobby and passion, practically a matter of his life, although not the only one. The artist has a deep, beautiful, velvety voice, his own manner of performing songs. He accurately determines what people like and, of course, his fans, constantly offers the public attention new, bright and frank songs. These penetrate deep into the soul and always hit the target.


Peoples' Friendship Palace

Tashkent, Chilanzar district, st. Furkat, 3
(+998 71) 245 02 67
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