Highest point of feelings

Sat 7.03.2020 18:00

A modern poetess and reader, who captured the expanses of social networks with her warm voice, emotional presentation, and, of course, beauty.

Millions of views of Anna Egoyan’s works on the Internet make her the most popular contemporary poetess of the World Wide Web.

Starting from the end of 2019, Anna Egoyan has visited more than 20 cities of Russia with concerts. Full auditoriums, filled with tears and feelings, emerging during the evening, convinced Anna to go on a new trip not only to Russia, but also abroad, specifically to Tashkent !!!

In the capital of Uzbekistan, Anna Egoyan will present the program “The Highest Point of Feelings” for the first time, which gathers classic, authorial and also works of contemporary poets.

This is the long-awaited evening of love 💖 and romance 🥰, which will remain in the hearts of every spectator for a long time.

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