Wed 1.05.2019 18:30

The basis of the performance of the director Saodat Ismailova “Qyrq Qyz” (“Forty Girls”) is the Karakalpak epic, which tells about the heroic warriors maiden, the protectors of their nation.

The video of the play was filmed in Karakalpakstan, as well as in one of the oldest mosques in Tashkent, Azlarkhon Eshon Masjidi. The hour and a half production fragmentary reconstructs the history of the Karakalpak epic in musical and artistic abstract form.

The performance will feature numerous folk instruments, as well as classical schools of vocal art of Central Asia: tanovar of Uzbekistan, dastans of Karakalpakstan, prolonged singing and fats (throat singing) of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

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