Thu 22.04.2021 18:30

The theater Ilkhom, Laboratory of Artyom Kim, band “Omnibus” and choreographer Maria Tikhomolova present the plastic play “The Quartet”.
“The Quartet is a musical band of 4 musicians, vocalists or instrumentalists.”
The Quartet is the actors of the Ilkhom Theater, Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Olga Volodina and Gimal Gafiyatullin and dancers Kristina Borzova and Fidan Abyshzade, who found a common language – a body language.

The performance “Quartet” – a declaration of love for a woman, thoughts on self-identification and acceptance. No subtitles, the story for each viewer takes on its shape. There are common points of reference and shared ground, but all that is between is not subject to understanding and retelling. It can only be felt.

Performance duration: 1 hour
Age category: 14+

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