Gift to the beloved princess

Wed 24.03.2021 11:00

"GIFT OF A LOVED PRINCESS" The Uzbek folk tale "Orzidjan and Kabardzhan" has a special meaning, a rare place and belongs to the so-called "paradoxical" or "smart" tales. The performance is based on elements of the theater of maskharabozov. Artists act out the story, as if composing it anew. Pompous scenes are replaced by ordinary and very simple. Artists and heroes, trying to create an elevated fairy tale on the stage, performing ridiculous acts during the performance, strive to infect children in the auditorium with the only great desire - to love fabulously. And the hero’s ridiculous trick of running away from his beloved lover in order to catch a deer for her will become the only possible expression of this fiery love. But the most important thing is this game of artists with the audience, the composition of a fairy tale right now, together with the audience. Thus, the principle of “paradoxical, smart” fairy tales is transferred to the scene through the game of modern masquerading artists for the eternal idea of ​​all fairy tales on Earth - to give children Love and Joy.

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