Megabyte fairy tale in the Bolshoi

Sun 13.10.2019 11:00

SABT named after A. Navoi

22 000 - 33 000 UZS

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  • Plot

    The incredible adventure of a small but brave girl, who, in a frenzy of computer games, did not want the advent of the New Year, almost forgetting the real good tale.
    Sly Virus, suddenly appeared from the computer screen, insidiously lures the girl Julia to the country «Game Over» - the country of an endless computer game - promising her the title of a princess in exchange for a magical New Year's Star that fulfills wishes. Passing through the computer screen, Yulia enters the virtual world, where at first she likes it, and she is delighted with robots and the ability to play non-stop.

    However, the dark ruler of "Game Over" Doctor Eye has already captured good fairy-tale heroes and carries a treacherous plan to destroy the fairy tale and the New Year, and his goal is the global computerization of childhood, so he deceives the promise from Yulia that at exactly 12 o'clock she will break the New Year's Star. Parents, discovering the missing of the girl, call for help Santa Claus, who understands how dangerous the situation can be and if the Star is broken, then the girl will not return home, and the New Year will never come. To save Yulia, Santa Claus sends a monkey-superhero and a symbol of the coming year Kroshka-Martyn. Artful, who owns martial arts, Little Martyn tries to rescue the heroes of a good fairy tale from the dungeon to fight the dark digital force: the army of the Doctor Eye, while the girl begins to understand that the world she is in is not real, inanimate. The dark and light sides converge together in the final crushing battle, but the fate of the holiday and fairy tales, and the magic Star, is still in the hands of the girl lost between the worlds: the outcome of the whole story depends on whether she wants a right wish...



SABT named after A. Navoi

Tashkent, Zarafshon st., house 28
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11:00 - 12:20 - Sun, 13 Oct