Celebrating Circus show with Santa / Online show

Sat 16.01.2021 15:00 - Sun 17.01.2021 16:15

On new year's eve, Santa and his faithful assistant, Travis, are getting ready to deliver gifts in the hustle and bustle, worrying that they may not be in time ..... on the eve of the holiday, santa claus is always very confused and forgets a bag to the streets near his workshop. But the trouble is, they were watched by an evil wizard and taking advantage of the situation, he steals gifts that are so awaited by children in every corner of the planet. It's okay, after all, friends and residents of the town will come to the aid of the main characters ... Santa Claus and Travish will overcome all difficulties, defeat evil, and of course they will fulfill all children's dreams in time, because the new year is a time of miracles and magic ...

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