T. Jalilov and B. Brovtsyn, Opera «Tahir and Zuhra»

Thu 28.11.2019 18:30

SABT named after A. Navoi

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    Celebration in the palace of Khan Babakhan devoted to the birth of his daughter. Khan orders to take all babies born on this day to the palace. Khan Bohir brings a newborn son. The chief vizier is concerned, since he was counting on the khan's throne for his son, Karabatyr. The boy is named Takhir, and the girl – Zukhra. Khan promises to raise children together, and when they grow up - marry them.


    18 years have passed. Carefree lovers grew up in the palace, brought up in love and kindness by the court poet Nazim.

    Taking advantage of the fact that Takhir openly expresses his sympathy to the disenfranchised and disadvantaged people, Vizier Khusain turned Khan Babakhan against Takhir. In a rage, Khan handed down a cruel sentence - to lock Takhir in a chest and throw it into the river.

    Takhir appeals to the sympathetic people, urging them to support the hero – Sardor. Khan’s order has been carried out.


    The chest floating along the river with Takhir catches the daughter of Khan of Khorezm Mokhim, who is fascinated by the beauty of the young man. Khan of Khorezm is also pleased with his appearance and offers Takhir power, wealth and marry on his only daughter. Takhir’s refusal causes anger to Khan, and he orders to punish him. The warrior Jumaniyaz helps Takhir to escape.

    People’s hero Sardor is preparing troops against Babakhan. Among the chiefs - the favorite of the people, the singer Khafiz. Takhir appears. Everyone is glad that he survived. They introduced Takhir to Sardor. The news comes that Babakhan is going to execute the poet Nazim and marry Zukhra to Karabatyr. Takhir with a group of friends in a hurry goes to the possession of Babakhan, he wants to save his beloved and his mentor.

    Zukhra is being prepared to go to the aisle. Her relatives appear from a distant village, among them is Takhir in disguise. Lovers meet. After the grief experienced, the long-awaited joy comes, but not for long ... Karabatyr appears. In a fierce fight, Takhir kills him and is caught up again. Khan orders his immediate execution. Zukhra begs his father for mercy, but Babakhan, in a rage, rushes at his daughter and strangles her. Dying, she talks about her eternal love and calls on people to fight for happiness and freedom.

    The death of Zukhra and the execution of Takhir forces the people to act - to strive for a free and happy life.


SABT named after A. Navoi

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