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Russian Drama Theater

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  • Avalanche (Russian) (14+)
    18:30, 11 Dec 2020
    33 000 UZS

    Russian Drama Theater

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    Avalanche (14+) Russian 18:30, 11 Dec 2020
    Russian Drama Theater
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  • In eastern Antalya, in a village surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges, the locals do not speak loudly, do not laugh out loud, in other words, try not to make the slightest noise, because sound waves can cause avalanches. The most unusual thing in this situation is that the danger of avalanches disappears for nine months of the year ...

    Says T.Jugenoglu: “I felt the need to stage-stage this situation that excited me so much. How, based on this natural phenomenon, to create a play reflecting global problems? And he formulated for himself the following thought: Avalanche is not only a natural phenomenon ... Maybe this is a product of fear in our minds ... ”

    Tunger Jugenoglu (1944-2019) is an authority in modern Turkish dramatic art. He was a member of the Presidium of the Union of Writers of Turkey, led the drama section at Papirus Publishing House, and taught at the Turkish Conservatory. For many years of literary work T. Giucenoglu became the laureate of numerous international literary prizes.

    The fact that the writer’s dramatic works have been translated into many languages ​​of the world testifies to the degree of demand for his work.

    (Russian, German, French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Japanese, etc.) and are staged on the stages of different countries of the world.

    T. Giucenoglu’s creative range was constantly expanding, as evidenced by the play “Avalanche” (2001) and the drama “Sabahattin Ali”.

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