Black cloak

Wed 15.02.2023 18:30

Tuzar is a dog that has served his master faithfully all his life. The owner loves Tuzar, because he is a true friend and helper. But once the wolf’s cunning plan leads Tuzar into the lair of predatory animals.

Tuzar falls in love with the young she-wolf Chobra and he faces a choice: life with the Wolf in a wolf pack or devotion to man?

The owner, leaving home, accidentally forgets his cloak, and the dog, trying to recover from the loss, remains next to the cloak. All winter Tuzar inseparably guards the cloak, does not eat, does not drink, waits for the owner.

"Black Burka" - a philosophical performance of duty, honor and love. The heroes of the play - the Shepherd, Wolves, Dog, Fox, Hare, Donkey, etc. - in these images the human features are collected: aggression, fear, and with it - devotion, trust, love.

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