Mad money

Sun 12.12.2021 17:00

Scenes of metropolitan life

Among Russian playwrights, Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky (1823 – 1886 ) holds a unique place. It was he, the only one in Russia, who not only focused entirely on dramatic literature, but also never left it, going into prose or poetry.

Ostrovsky is never fashionable or old-fashioned, because he was always talking to a person-talking to humanity, depicting this or that place of action-discovering the universe, counting down a specific time, counting down eternity.

The comedy "Mad Money" makes fun of people who are ready for any actions for the sake of money. The first to meet the audience is Telyatev, a typical representative of the "barstvo", he always thrives, not without the help of a dozen of his aunts from Moscow. Sweet tooth-Riga rich in debt, they had to as many as three hundred thousand. The apartment in which he lives, the horse and carriage, as well as the furniture and household items - everything is alien. But this fact does not bother Telyatev much. Not counting the money, he will gladly take it from someone, live at someone else's expense, and in general, tomorrow will be a new day and the money will be found by itself.

The author of the work himself has not fully decided how he treats Vasilkov. His image causes a lot of controversy about the true appearance of the hero, it is difficult to immediately determine his nature. He is too businesslike and calculates his every move, he has a "budget", which he does not intend to get out of.

Actors and performers:

Savva Gennadich Vasilkov, provincial-Sergey Arkhipov, Yuri Antipin
Ivan Petrovich Telyatev, non-serving nobleman-Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Oleg Galakhov
Grigory Borisovich Kuchumov, an important gentleman – People's Artist of Uzbekistan Abzal Rafikov
Yegor Dmitritch Glumov – Andrey Zarovsky
Nadezhda Antonovna Cheboksary-Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Olga Ovchinnikova
Lydia Yurievna, her daughter-Diana Dubrovina
Andrey, the servant-Anton Korablev
Director and set designer – Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Vladimir Shapiro
Costume Designer-Marina Sagdieva
Artist-Vladimir Bundin
Director of restoration-Vladimir Ostrovsky

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