Miss Chanel

Fri 2.04.2021 18:30

Nikolai Kolyada (b. December 4, 1957) - Russian playwright, prose writer, actor, director. The author of 93 plays, 38 plays were staged at different times in the theaters of Russia, near and far abroad.

"Baba Chanel" is a modern urban tale about a person’s desire for the Beautiful. At the center of events is the life of an amateur group created in the All-Russian Society of the Deaf. Five soloists, like five notes or five wonders of the world. One is the former prima of the corps de ballet with shattered nerves, the other is an avid “bombed”, the third is a poetess ... All of them were connected by a love for a sincere song. At the festive table, they met to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their ensemble. But unexpectedly Baba Chanel stepped awkwardly into the throat of their song, deciding to push everyone and bask in the glory ...

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