Paid forward

Fri 13.11.2020 18:30

The comedy "Cry Forward" about what stubborn women are ready for the sake of their chosen one and what the handsome man pressed against the wall will be guided by. Olympiad Nikolaevna once saw a charming actor in the theater and fell in love with him without a memory. Having become a producer-millionaire, she decided to make him a profitable offer. Polina Sergeevna spent twenty years with a celebrity married, shoulder to shoulder going through all the troubles and joys of acting. Natusia presented the “star” with her lightness, energy, and young passion. And after a long-awaited success and a banquet on this occasion, having woken up the next morning by a celebrity and not remembering anything from a hangover, Mikhail Raspyatov meets three determined women in one apartment. He has to make a choice between money, habit and ardor ...

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