A. Ergashev, «The Humo», ballet

Fri 7.10.2022 18:00

Romantic fairy tale ballet in 2 acts. For the music for the play in 2007, the author was awarded the title of Laureate of the State Prize of the 1st degree. Humo is a magical bird-peri, a bird-legend of beauty, happiness and love, the leader of the kingdom of bizarre birds that, flying to earth, shed their plumage and turn into girls. Wandering through the mountains, the skillful potter and master of chasing Zargar sees this beautiful sight and falls in love with one of them, the bird-girl Zuleikhon. They will have to overcome many difficulties so that love triumphs and they can unite. This is the deceit of the greedy ruler Karun-Khalif, the evil hunter Mansur and others ... But justice will prevail, happiness will come on earth, a beautiful city of the future will grow, and the bird of happiness Humo will help in everything and be the talisman of Prosperity and Justice.

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