G. Donizetti, Opera «Lucia di Lammermoor»

Thu 24.02.2022 17:00


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     The first act.

    The chief guard of the castle - the cunning and ironic Norman opens Sir Henry Aston a fateful mystery about the love of his sister - the young Lucia with the arch-enemy of their family - Edgar Ravenswood. The guard, who was trying to find and grab a strange stranger, returns with nothing, but finds out in an unknown stranger the enemy of Sir Henry - Edgar. In a fury Henry vows to take revenge on his bloody enemy in the most terrible manner.

    Young Lucia came to meet with Edgar to the far corner of the park. With trembling expecting his appearance, she tells her friend Alice that she has often seen the ghost of a woman, many years ago killed at jealousy by one of her ancestors. Coming Edgar informs Lucia that he must sail to France today for political affairs. Lucia is saddened and alarmed, foreseeing an unkind outcome. Edgar remembers how, because of love with Lucia, he renounced the duty of revenge to the family of the Astons and is ready to reconcile. Lucia gently calms and comforts a loved one.

    Lovers decide to swear allegiance in front of the Creator and in a solemn ritual exchange their rings, assuring each other that they will never break this oath.

     The second act.

    Sir Henry's cabinet in the castle. In a few minutes, the noble and wealthy bride of Lucia, Lord Arthur, is to arrive, whose marriage is very beneficial to Henry for political reasons. But Lucia in strange persistence does not consent to marriage. Enterprising Norman gives Sir Henry a fake letter in which Edgar renounces his vows. Lucia appears - she is adamant, remaining true to her vow. In vain Henry asks, demands, threatens and even shows her a slanderous letter - her sister shows unbending firmness.

    The guests gather in the grand hall of the castle for the festive ball. They enthusiastically welcome the noble fiancé, Lord Arthur. He himself gives an oath to patronize the house of the Astons from now on and protect it from troubles. Lucia appears with sad face. Seeing the groom and the guests, she is completely at a loss. Sir Henry makes her sign a marriage contract. At that moment Edgar burst into the hall, having heard of the wedding. The battle is inevitable, but the old knight Raymond stops the heated opponents and calls for peace.

    Edgar learns that Lucia signed a marriage contract and thereby violated her vow. In frenzied malice, Sir Henry, Lord Arthur and the guests expel Edgar from the castle.

     The third act.

    Guests cheerfully feast in honor of the bride and groom, retired to the bedchamber. Running Raymond stops the fun - in a fit of madness, Lucia killed her fiancé. Mad Lucia appears in the hall with a bloody dagger in her hand. She calls her beloved Edgar and collects non-existent flowers for her wedding. Begging for forgiveness, she longs for Edgar to return. Entered Sir Henry realizes what trouble he has involved both the sister and himself. In a fit of indomitable anguish, Lucia deprives herself of life...


    An abandoned cemetery in the vicinity of the castle. In anguish Edgar came here, grieving for Lucia. A strange string of monks appears around him and talks about the terrible events in the castle of Astons, about the madness of Lucia. Seeking to unite with his beloved there, in another world, Edgar deprives himself of life and dies with the name of his beloved on his lips, as if seeing her there on the eve of their meeting forever...



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