K.Khachaturian, ballet, "Cipollino", for children

Sun 29.05.2022 12:00

The action of the ballet takes place in a fairyland where vegetables live, very reminiscent of the habits and character of people. The ruler of the country - Lemon introduces a new tax on the weather. Everyone is outraged. Guards arrest old Cipollone. To save him, his son Cipollino, together with his girlfriend Radish, in the palace persuade Count Cherry to help them. Cherry takes out the key, and the friends free the imprisoned poor. By order of Lemon, Cipollino is arrested, but Cherry brings the beautiful Magnolia, who charms the guards. Cipollino is free. The people defeat Lemon and his guards. And together they happily build a house for old Pumpkin.

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From 3 age
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