«L'elisir d'amore»

Sat 11.02.2023 17:00


Young peasant Nemorino from a small village near Florence loves his fellow-villager Adina very much. Overhearing the conversation between Adina and Janette about the love of Tristan and Isolde, Nemorino decides to obtain a saving elixir at any cost.
Soldiers under the command of sergeant Belkore come to the village. A pretty and brisk Adina immediately attracts attention of the sergeant. He presents her with a bouquet of flowers, forcing Nemorino to be tormented with jealousy, and proposes to set a wedding day.
Adina rejects his courtship. Peasants tease unsuccessful lover Nemorino.
A richly dressed stranger appears in the village – he is wandering doctor Dulkamara. In addition to medicines, he also has a rare drug - a love drink. Sale of "balms" is in full swing. Unfortunate Nemorino appeals to the doctor for help too. Without any embarrassment, Dulcamara hands the bottle of ordinary wine to the lover, warning that it is possible to take the "wonderful elixir" only in a day. During this time, the rogue hopes to be far from these places. But Nemorino immediately drinks the contents of the bottle. The "elixir" affects very quickly...
Surprised Adina sees a dramatic change in the behavior of Nemorino. The guy suddenly cheered up, jokes, laughs, waving his arms, and declares that by morning he will be completely healed of love... The arrival of a brave sergeant tells Adina how to repay Nemorino. She promises her hand to Belkore and agrees to celebrate the wedding today. Hop is immediately eroded from the head of Nemorino.
The yard in front of the house of Adina is filled with guests. Nemorino urgently needs money to buy another portion of the saving drink and the sergeant suggests him to enlist in the soldiers and get money for it. Suddenly interesting news flies the whole village: Nemorino’s uncle died in Milan, leaving the young man all his fortune.
Now Nemorino is rich groom and girls show attention to him, which he takes for granted and attributes it to the action of the magic elixir.
It ends with the fact that Adina gives Nemorino recruiting receipt bought from Belcore. She confesses her love to Nemorino and agrees to become his wife. Peasants open lucky guy more news: from now on he is the owner of a large fortune. Dulcamara persuaded everyone that only thanks to the "love drink" the lovers joined together, and quickly sells the rest of the bottles. Peasants happily welcome the young couple.

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