L.Minkus, Ballet «Don Quixote»

Sun 12.02.2023 17:00

Don Quixote after his long journey arrives Barcelona. The people of Barcelona are celebrating a holiday near Lorencco’s tavern. Basil, the barber is in love with Lorrencco’s daughter Kitri. However, Lorencco, wishes to marry her off to the wealthy nobleman, Gamash. Kitri refusing to marry Gamash, runs away with Basil, and Lorrencco and Gamash follow the couple.

 ACT II                              
The lovers manage to escape from Lorencco and Gamash and find refuge in a gypsy camp. Don Quixote finds the couple and, giving in to their pleas for help, decides to protect them. Don Quixote’s attention is distracted by the wings of the windmills. He imagines that they are evil sorcerers and courageously tries to battle with the with the windmill. He falls to the ground, unconscious. However Sancho Panza, Kitri and Basil rush to help him. While he is unconscious he is haunted by dreams and fantasies. He is invited by the Duke and Duchess to the castle.  There seems to be a “play within a play”, with Kitri as Dulcinea and Basil as the unknown knight. Don Quixote, seeing his lady love bewitched by unknown forces uses his sword to free her from the “evil spell”. Finally the duel with the unknown knight ends, with Don Quixote tripping over his own spurs and, the unknown knight carrying off Dulcinea. Don Quixote awakens.

lorencco finally finds his daughter and arranges her wedding to Gamash. Basil kills himself with a knife and falls to the ground. Kitri begs Don
Quixote to persuade her father to fulfill Basil’s dying wish- bless their love. Don Quixote  succeeds in persuading Lorencco and he blesses the dead man. However all of a sudden, Basil comes to life and starts to dance in front of the dumbstruck Lorencco.
The wedding of Basil and Kitri takes place. Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Kitri’s girl friends are among the guests invited to the wedding
celebration. After the festivities end, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza bid goodbye to all, and leave Barcelona.     

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