Opera "Tricks of Maysara"

Sun 6.12.2020 17:00


The first act

     Field view. There is a big couch in the middle. An overture sound signals on the beginning of the event. The actors of the comic theater troupe in holiday spirit are entering the scene. The people welcomed them with applause. The decorations to show the comic opera "Maysara's trick" begin to assemble in front of the audience.

At one minute, the Maysara's yard, the textile workshops and weaver girls appear before the audience. The funny guys call the crowd and say, "Let's start the show!"

      Maysara is an honest, straightforward, clever and hardworking woman. Her wish is to see the happiness of her nephews Aykhan and Shepherd. Two young people love each other. Maysara is trying to marry young people as soon as possible. Shepherd, who has been doing business, is absent for ten days. Aykhan sings her aria "I fell in love". Her friends also sympathize with her. Shepherd enters the circle with joyful mood. The girls welcomed her with joy. Only Aykhan demonstrates her dissatisfaction with his coming. There is a lot of grievance between them. The two souls missing each other are sorry with the sincere eyesight and cheerful laughs.

     Judge and Khodzhidargha appear behind the gate. The joyous smile of the girls they hear attracts them. These two persons, who are spiritually deprived, are in love with the young and beautiful Ayhkan. The Judge, the object of Maysara's several criticisms, has been dissatisfied with the happiness of those young people who love each other. He accused young people of discipline. It was a good pretext to reach Aykhan's love and get rid of Maysara. This plan is also good for Khodzhidargha. Another lover of Aykhan – Khidayat comes to the Maysara’s yard with hope. He wants to reach Aykhan in exchange for returning the golden treasures deprived long years ago by Judge. Maysara in desperation says, "If you return the golden treasures, you will get Aykhan." Khidayat goes away on joyfully mood and observes Aykhan, who is doing something at home. The dog barking and voice of Mulladost are hearing on the street. In confusion, Khidayat is hiding under the big couch next to the gate. Mulladost was watching him. He comes and deliberately sits on him.

       Mulladost, who is staying at the gate, looks at Maysara, who is walking in the yard. He says he has brought a letter form Judge. He can not hide his breathing. Mulladish was not indifferent to the Maysara for a long time as well. He sings his aria "I'm alone". Suddenly, the officers under Khodzhidargha leadership appear. They arrest Maysara and take her away. Everyone is excited about this event. The Judge, who used the absence of anyone in the yard, was kidnapped Aykhan with his buddies.

 The second act

    Aykhan is suffering in the Judge's home. An angry Judge comes to her. Aykhan looked up at him and said, "Kill, O wild animal! It's better to die than change the love." The Judge goes to the street, ordering Mulladost to put Aykhan in jail and not let anyone enter the yard.

    Mulladost is worried that he has been living alone, without wife, in this place for thirty years. When Dargha comes in, he heard his song and says him that he had found a widow and wanted him to give a key of Judge’s chest. After gaining a document, Dargha leaves with satisfaction. Unexpectedly, Khidayatkhan appears in caution. He also wants to get the gold belonging to Maysara from the chest of the Judge.

Maysara and Shepherd come. At that time, the Shepherd sees Khidayat and hides himself. Khidayat gives money to Maysara. Hearing that he would reach Aykhan that night, he leaves yard in sweat dreams. A woman's cry is heard from inside, and Maysara recognizes Aykhan's voice. Judge takes Ayhan to Maysara and goes in. Maysara says Aykhan that she came to rescue her, and asks her to appear as if she is obeying Judge. Maysara tells Judge that she will wait for him at her home, and takes Aykhan away.

 The third act

Maysara's yard. Half the night. Aykhan's father Shakir the Mute and the Shepherd come in. Aykhan welcomes them with joy. But Maysara reminds that Judge, Dargha and Khidayat are still ahead.

They plot to trap that men and disgrace before the people.

    The first person who came with a gift was Judge. When he heard the voice of the Shepherd, he begged Maysara to hide him.

   Khidayat comes in. The Shepherd knocked on the door and threatened him. Maysara ordered him to wear the dresses for women she had brought. Well, Dargha comes. He gave Maysara the pledged document and asked her to bring Aykhan quickly. Maysara presents him Khidayat, who was wearing the woman's dress. As it turned out, Dargha, who was afraid of the sudden appearance of the Shepherd, suddenly escaped under the big couch. Mulladost calls all the people of the neighborhood. People gather. They sing songs and dance. Judge covering the bull's skin, Khidayat wearing the women's garments and Dargha go to the people one after the other. People praise Maysara's mind and compassion. The truth will win.

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