P.Chaikovsky, Ballet «The Nutcracker»

Sun 10.10.2021 17:00


20 000 - 100 000 UZS

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  • The first act

    On the New Year's holiday, guests gather in the house of Stalbaum. Among them is Drosselmeyer, the godfather of Masha and Franz - the children of Stalbaum. He prepared for them a wonderful gift - a funny Nutcracker.

    Children are enthusiastically waiting for the Christmas tree and holiday gifts. A welcome moment comes and an elegant Christmas tree appears before everyone. Suddenly, Drosselmeyer appears in the costume of a wizard, not recognized by the children at first. Children are delighted - they recognize in him their beloved godfather.

    Masha wants to play with wonderful animated dolls, but... they have already been taken away. In consolation, Drosselmeyer gives Masha the Nutcracker, whom she likes very much.

    Masha’s  brother Franz, a naughty and mocker, accidentally breaks a toy. With tenderness, Masha consoles her crippled pet. Guests are returning from the next room. Soon all go home.

    Night. The room, where the Christmas tree stays, lit by moonlight. Here is mysterious and magical. Masha came here to visit the "sick" Nutcracker. She hugs and lulls him.

    At this time Drosselmeyer appears. This is not just a good godfather. This is a magician. By the wave of his hands, everything around is transformed: the walls are moving apart, the Christmas tree starts to grow. Toys come to life with her.

    Suddenly, under the floor, mice appear, led by their mouse king. Dolls in horror and confusion. The brave nutcracker saves everyone. Having built tin soldiers, he boldly leads them to battle with the mouse army. However, the forces are not equal, the odds are on the side of evil mice. Masha is in despair of danger threatening her favorite. She throws a burning candle at the mice, and they scatter in dismay.

    The battlefield is empty. Nutcracker alone lies motionless on the floor. Masha along with the dolls go to the rescue. And suddenly a miracle happens... A beautiful young man, the Nutcracker Prince, appears in front of Masha. He goes to meet her.

    In the magical round dance of snowflakes, Masha and the prince rush to the Christmas tree kingdom. Dolls follow them.


    The second act

    A shining star is getting closer and closer, so they almost reached the top of the fairy-tale tree... But the mice sneaking behind, led by the mouse king, suddenly attack the Nutcracker Prince. But he again boldly takes the fight. Masha and the dolls with fright are watching the fight. The Nutcracker Prince defeats his enemy. Victory is joyfully celebrated. Dolls dance, candles light up more brightly, and a Christmas tree comes to life. Masha and the Nutcracker Prince are happy - they have reached the realm of dreams!

    But all this is just a dream. New Year's Eve is over, and wonderful dreams have gone with it. Masha, who has seen dream come true, sits beside her tree, and the Nutcracker doll is on her lap.



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