G.Verdi, Opera "Aida"

Sun 21.04.2019 18:00

SABT named after A. Navoi

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  • Plot

    The war between Egypt and Ethiopia. The daughter of the Egyptian king Amneris is in love with the chief guard of Radames, who will soon lead the Egyptian army as commander. In the service of Amneris is a slave Aida, which associated with Radames by mutual feelings. No one knows that Aida is in fact the daughter of the Ethiopian king Amonasr.
    Radames goes on a military campaign. Vindictive and insidious Amneris, feeling that the heart of the beloved belongs to another, with the help of cunning and deceit learns that her rival is Aida. Amneris orders Aida to forget Radames, otherwise her revenge will be cruel.
    The Egyptian troops are returning with victory, among the Ethiopians taken prisoner is the unrecognized king. Aida, seeing her father, rushes to him. Radames as a reward for victory asks the Egyptian king to release captured Ethiopians.
    As a result of the conversation with her father, Aida faces a choice - to save her country and prove her daughter's love and devotion to the Motherland, but to betray her lover and find out a plan for a new attack, or - to remain faithful to love, but to renounce his fatherland and dad. Radames is also in the trap - to flee with his beloved and turn out to be a traitor or to give up his love. Surrendering to the force of feelings, Radames agrees to escape and issues a military secret. This conversation is overheard by Amonasr - the king of Ethiopia and Amneris, who, in anger, calls on the high priest and guard. Aida and Amonasr are forced to flee.
    Amneris promises Radames salvation and all the blessings of the world if he renounces love for Aida, but he does not need a life without love and honor.
    The Egyptian court of priests sentences traitor Radames to imprisonment and death in a gloomy cave. Aida is also there together with him, who, after the death of her father, decides to share the fate of her lover. Lovers are doomed, but for the first time they are happy: they are together.
    Amneris in a hopeless prayer is struck by grief.


SABT named after A. Navoi

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18:00 - 21:00 - Sun, 21 Apr