How Gingerbread Mind Gained

Sat 11.12.2021 12:30

In the children's room, inside the locker with toys, there is a whole world created by the imagination of the child. Once the doors open, the newly baked Kolobok becomes alive and naughty, forest animals sing songs and intrigues, grandfather and grandmother believe in miracles, and inanimate objects just wait for the moment to start dancing.
In the puppet theater, almost everything is possible, and now the hut has already turned into a mysterious forest, and Kolobok escaped from the house to meet adventures, and not just like that, but in search of the mind-mind. Each animal in the forest is undoubtedly intelligent and enterprising in its own way, and is ready to share with Kolobok the secret of a happy life, then pepper and salt with salt, dip it in honey and eat it without a twinge of the conscience of this same Kolobok. And if it is easy to escape from the house and there is no need for a big mind, then it is much more difficult to come back, and it’s better not to follow the voice of the mind, but to the call of the heart. The fairy tale about the bun is just made for a puppet show. Where else the main character will turn out so lively and ruddy, like a little sun, and forest animals - bright and, despite his cunning, it is still terribly charming.

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