The beauty and the Beast

Fri 18.10.2019 16:00

Theatre - Studio Silk Route Marionettes

20 000 UZS

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  •  Bella thoughtfully wanders through her native streets, remembering the plot of her favorite book. In the town where she grew up with her father, the inventor, the girl is considered strange. No one understands her loneliness and love of reading. Of course, after all, life here flows measuredly, and no one has ever heard of adventures! But suddenly ... What is this bird singing? Is dad got in trouble? We should rather go after him to the dense forest, they say, there lives an evil Beast in the castle!


    The ancient castle and all its wonderful inhabitants have not seen such beauty for a long time. However, Bella is beautiful not only with her face, but also with her heart. She, without thinking, can sacrifice herself for her father. And love the kind soul of a horrible-looking monster! Therefore, it is not at all scary to entrust her fate to her, for true love is capable of miracle.



Theatre - Studio Silk Route Marionettes

Tashkent, Shayhantahur district, st. Coratosh, 5A
+998 95 198 83 83
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16:00 - 16:45 - Fri, 18 Oct