Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville ...

Fri 16.04.2021 18:30

Production group

Author - P. Grigoriev
Composer - Maxim Dunaevsky
Poetry author - Leonid Derbenev
Stage Director - Natalia Salikhova
Arrangement - Ulugbek Salikhov
Set Designer - Adham Shakirov
Costume Designer - Zakhro Kasymova
Choreographer - Honored Artist of Uzb. Feruza Isaeva
Choirmaster - Yana Karabanova
Director's assistants - Natalia Kuzmina, Konstantin Morozov

Characters and performers

Vera Lisichkina - O. Zvartseva, I. Ganieva
Mikhailo Lisichkin, actor - Honored Artist of Uzb. S.Artykov, V.Yuldashev
Akaki Nazarych Ushitsa, retired warrant officer - I. Bukhaidze, S. Normatov
Katenka, servant - F. Mirzalieva, N. Salikhova
The choir and ballet dancers of the theater are involved in the episodes and dance scenes

Brief annotation
Actor Mikhail Lisichkin is dismissed in the theater, he decides, by all means, to discourage his daughter Vera from the stage and to successfully marry her to twice a widower and a retired hussar ensign Akaki Ushitsa. Vera's plans do not include the prospect of becoming a retired ensign, because she dreams of becoming a theater actress. Vera persuades the servant Katya how to fool a retired military man. First, the main character disguises herself as a gypsy, and then as a messenger boy. Changing images, she convinces the ensign to abandon plans to marry herself ...

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