Interview with a Legend old

Sat 11.12.2021 17:00

"Interview with a Legend" premiere musical performance dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the People's Artist of Uzbekistan Batyr Zakirova

Production group

Author - Natalia Salikhova
Music - B. Zakirov, F. Zakirov, S. Ramazanov, E. Salikhov
Stage Director - Gulrukh Nazhidova
Music director - Ibragim Nazarov
Conductor - Honored active arts Uzb. Batyr Rasulov
Set Designer - Zakhro Kasymova
Choirmaster - Yana Karabanova
Choreographer - Hon. art. Uzbek. Feruza Isaeva, Valentina Ulyanova
Costume Designer - Lola Novkovic
Director's assistants - Natalia Kuzmina, Dilrabo Urunova

Characters and performers

Journalist - N. Salikhova
B. Zakirov legend - Honored Art. S.Artykov
B. Zakirov in his youth - B. Chuliev
B. Zakirov in middle age - S. Saliev
B. Zakirov young man - D. Tukhtanazarov. J.Khatamov
Father - Sh.Nurushev
Luiza Zakirova - I. Alizhanova
Ballet dancers of the theater are involved in the dance scenes

Brief annotation
Our performance is a tribute to the nationwide memory of an outstanding singer, artist, poet, person who left a deep mark on the art of our country.

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