It was in the mahalla

Fri 2.04.2021 18:30

Production group

Written and directed by Gulrukh Nazhidova Musical director - Ulugbek Salikhov Set Designer - Natalia Glubokina Costume Designer - Zakhro Kasymova Choreographer - Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Feruza Isaeva Director's assistants - Natalia Kuzmina, Konstantin Morozov.

Characters and performers

Chaikhana keeper Ali - Honored Artist of Uzbekistan S. Artykov, I. Bukhaidze Guzal, Ali's daughter - I. Ganiev, D. Toshmatova Hasan - Sh.Nurushev Khusan - S. Khalimov Davranbai - S. Soliev, N. Khanov Aksakal Vali - V. Yuldashev Mahalla Chairman - M. Rezepov, D. Tukhtanazarov Bodyguards - M. Volansky, S. Normatov The dance and crowd scenes involve the choir and ballet dancers of the theater.

Brief annotation

The story of love and kindness, taking place in one of the mahallas of the city, in the teahouse of teahouse Ali. Mahalla decided to restore the old teahouse and preserve national traditions. Young businessman Davranbai decides to build a nightclub on the site of the teahouse. Through the efforts of the residents of the mahalla, the tea-house keeper Ali and his daughter, Guzal are convinced of the importance of preserving national traditions and love for their native land.

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