Business Conference Generation

Sat 31.08.2019 13:30 - Sun 1.09.2019 21:00

National Press Centre of Uzbekistan

150 000 - 450 000 UZS

Tickets are non-refundable.

  • Get up-to-date knowledge in two days on how to start a business or develop an existing one. For those who are at the start - future entrepreneurs and for those who already have a business - active entrepreneurs


    1. Starting a business. Launching the plan. How to begin.

    2. Choosing a niche. Promising business ideas. Niche selection criteria.

    3. Franchise business development. Criteria for choosing a successful franchise.

    4. Investments.

    How to attract investment? How and where to find an investor? How to be attractive to an investor?

    5. Competitor analysis. Ways to analyze competitors. The best practices of competitors, their application in their business.

    6. Unit economics. How to prevent a cash gap? How to influence profits? A tool for determining the profitability of a business model. How many customers will make you a millionaire?

    7. Hiring employees. How to attract top employees. Delegation. Assistance. Criteria and portrait of an ideal assistant. Where to find them?

    8. Motivation. Sources of motivation. Achievements of goals. Personal effectiveness. Thinking entrepreneur.

    9. Time management. How to combine employment and startups. How to do more and more efficiently.

    10. The principles of the entrepreneur. Anything more important than me. It's about me. There is nothing of mine. Complaint and resentment. I believe in what is beneficial to believe. Risk. Freedom. Money. I did everything right.

    11. Business exercises and practice. Competitor analysis tools. Hiring employees. Choosing a niche. Calculation of unit economics.


    This seminar will be delivered online.


National Press Centre of Uzbekistan

5, Mustakillik square, 100000, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
+99871 2391063
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31 Aug 13:30 - 1 Sept 21:00