If it’s difficult with a child

Sat 21.11.2020 16:00

Online seminar

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    Petranovskaya Lyudmila Vladimirovna. Family psychologist, educator and publicist.
    Born on April 20, 1967, in Tashkent.
    Lives and works in Moscow.
    A family: Married, two children.

    Education:1984 - 1989 - Tashkent State University, Department of Russian Philology.
    1997 - 1999 - professional retraining, Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, Faculty of Psychology, program "Psychological counseling"

    Activities: After receiving a second - psychological - education in 2001, she began to work in the orphanage No. 19, Moscow, in the service of foster carers, advised host parents, led the trainings.
    Since 2008, writes books for foster parents, conducts seminars for specialists in family arrangement in dozens of cities in Russia and Ukraine, created a number of copyrighted seminar and training programs.

    Lyudmila Vladimirovna is the author of several dozen books, among them: “An adopted child came to the class”, “A child of two families”, “Minus one? Plus one! ”,“ What to do if ... ”,“ What to do if ... 2 ”,“ Secret support: attachment in a child’s life ”,“ If it is difficult with a child ”,“ Selfmama. Life hacks for a working mom ”and others.

    In 2012, together with her colleagues, she created the non-profit organization Institute development of family structure ”, the main task is to train specialists working in problem childhood in the regions of the Russian Federation. The Institute also prepares and accompanies host parents.


Online seminar

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