UDAW 2019

Tue 1.10.2019 09:30 - Thu 3.10.2019 20:00

UDAW 2019 will open its doors for the second time to the best architects, designers and partners. The organizers promise to exceed the scale of last year several times, as well as to surprise and inspire all the participants of the Week.

UDAW 2018 - How was it?

The Uzbekistan Architecture and Design Week in 2018, held for the first time, brought together more than 1000 specialists from the world of architecture and design, as well as partners, guests and managers of major international companies from the CIS countries, Russia, the USA and Europe. In 5 days, several events took place aimed at uniting and interacting among all the participants and sharing experience and knowledge.

            The exhibition, international conferences and master classes helped the participants to be inspired by new ideas and get unique experience and invaluable knowledge from world professionals in the field of architecture and design.

  The conference was attended by such eminent representatives as Evgeny Tyurin, Lyubov Safronova, Diana Balashova, Paolo Merlin and Manuel Nunes-Yanovsky.

           But the most important and expected event at UDAW 2018 was the performance of Karim Rashid, a designer whose work conquered the whole world. He shared with the audience his unique view of the world and things, his inimitable style in the field of design, his exclusive knowledge and experience.

UDAW 2019 - How will it be?

This year, Uzbekistan Architecture and Design Week will begin work in September. The whole month will be regularly held workshops from world-famous partners. Each workshop, which can be visited free of charge, will include a maximum of valuable and useful information, impressive shows, as well as great entertainment programs.

            On October 1, a grand opening will take place with the participation of Alla Dukhova’s Todes ballet, photo shoots and art performances. On the same day, a large exhibition starts with the participation of local and foreign partners, companies that have received international recognition.

            On October 2 and 3 an international conference will be held with speakers from various countries of the world. Its participants will be able to ask questions that interest them, and the speakers will share their exceptional knowledge and individual experience. In the program stated:

Evgeny Tyurin (Moscow, Russia), Lubov Safronova (Kaliningrad-Moscow-Tashkent), Yunus Kaya (Antalya, Turkey), Evgeny Sokolov (Tashkent), Boris Ubororevich - Borovsky (Moscow, Russia) , Oksana Kashenko (Moscow, Russia)

            October 4th will be a closed event from the organizers, and on October 5th there will be a grand gala dinner for all partners. They will be awarded for participation in the Uzbekistan Architecture and Design Week, and will also be able to enjoy a stunning and vibrant show program.

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