Fri 24.06.2022 18:00

Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater1

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  • Author – Izzat Sulton

    Stage director – Honored Artistof Uzbekistan Marat Azimov

    Stage artist – Honored Art Worker Baxtiyar To'raev

    Leading roles:

    Kamolov – People's Artistof Uzbekistan Yodgor Sadiev, Kahramon Abdurahimov

    Risola – People's Artistsof Uzbekistan Rixsi Ibroximova and Malika Ibroximova

    Sanjarov – People's Artistof Uzbekistan Muhammadali Abdukunduzov, Artist Hamid Toshpulatov

    Aysha – People's Artistof Uzbekistan ZukhraAshurova,  Artist Feruza Boboyorova

    Aziza – Honored Artistof Uzbekistan Lola Eltoeva,

    Orif – HonoredArtistof Uzbekistan Fatkhulla Masudov, Artists Tolib Muminov, Davron Karimov

    Karim – Honored Artistof Uzbekistan Abduraim Abduvakhobov, Artist Utkir Mengliev

    Ozoda - Artist Gulnora Jumanazarova

    This play is a drama full of abrupt parts that tells us about the struggle of honesty and uncleanness, which we find in everyday life. The main character of the play is great medical scientist Komilov. He is a scholar who is honest in his profession and strives to see the same quality in others.However, Sanjarov, a fake scientist rooming around the science, who has reached a rank in some fraudulent ways tries to lead him on. Komilov is a person who has been steadfast in science. Sanjarov does everything to “break” him. During this fight, he says that Kamilov's son plagiarized someone's scientific work. Komilov, of course, does not believe it – the child of his may not do such a terrible thing.However, Sanjarov appears to be right.Kamilov manages to look straight in the eyes of the truth - to find strength to struggle with frauds.The play is built up on such dramatic conflicts and has become a reflection today.


Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater1

Tashkent, Navoi street, 34.
71 244 17 51
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