Dolphinarium Nemo

Ashgabat Park is striking primarily for its scale. Long alley of lanterns leading to the park. High escalator, through which visitors descend to the gate. Wide and convenient parking. Everything here is large, spacious, in a big way. This is a real range of entertainment, and having its own, special aesthetics.

At the entrance, visitors are greeted by a magnificent sculptural group - the Akhal-Teke people running along the water. Even at once you do not understand that this fountain, it seems, a herd of bronze horses really is racing from the gate in sparkling splashes.

The second fountain with Akhal-Teke horses is waiting inside the park, near the concert complex. In general, horses are everywhere in Ashgabat Park - designers generously gave attention to the national pride of Turkmenistan. Figures of horses freeze in a rush on lawns, near flowerbeds, around pavilions.


In general, the Turkmen color is actually one of the main motives of the park. Lawns and flower beds that look like fluffy carpets. Arches and gates that send us to the eastern palaces. And all this is extremely stylish - pure whiteness and brilliant gold. By the way, the building of the Embassy of Turkmenistan, located in the center of Tashkent, is also made in this range.

The park is very spacious, this space captures and amazes. The only disadvantage of such landscapes is the almost complete lack of shadow. However, this disadvantage is easily overcome. You just need to come to the park in the late afternoon, as, in fact, most of the visitors come.

In Ashgabat Park it is equally interesting for both children and adults. Rides are quite clearly delimited by age. There are absolutely calm rock carousels, on which you can place kids without any fear, there are units for older children, and there are ones that the little ones just won't let in.


Dolphinarium Nemo

Yashnabad district, st. Makhtumkuli (Park Ashgabat)

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