Palace of International Forum

The Palace of International Forums "Uzbekiston" was built on August 28, 2009 in the center of Tashkent.

The palace of international forums "Uzbekiston", erected at the initiative of the head of state, embodied the national and modern architectural style.

The palace, which has become the pearl of the architectural ensemble of the Amir Temur Square, has multiplied the beauty of Tashkent with its grandeur, unique appearance, and modern landscape design.

This majestic building has embodied the national and modern architectural style. The patterns and ornaments iridescent on the walls of the palace, marble columns, a dome with a diameter of 53 meters testify to a worthy continuation of the centuries-old traditions of our ancestors, who admired the peoples of the world in the field of architecture.

The height of the Palace of International Forums "Uzbekiston" is 48 meters. It has a conference hall for 300 seats, a banquet hall for 300 seats and a meeting room for 1800 seats.


Palace of International Forum

1 Istiqbol Street, Tashkent
+998 71 232 86 57