Russian Drama Theater

The Tashkent Russian Drama Theater opened on October 21, 1934. The founders of the theater are the first artistic director of the theater Vasily Alexandrovich Chirkin and the director of the theater Mikhail Karlovich Vulkonsky. In 1936 the theater was named after the Russian writer Maxim Gorky.

In 1967 the theater was awarded the honorary title "Academic".

The theater is one of the oldest theaters in Uzbekistan and occupies a special place in the theatrical art of the country. For almost 90 years, the theater has played an important role in uniting the peoples of multinational Uzbekistan through theatrical art. On the stage of the theater, performances based on the works of A.S. Pushkin and Alisher Navoi, Shakespeare and M.Yu. Lermontov, N.V. Gogol and Jean Letraza, Alexander Galin and Erkin Agzam have been staged ...

The theater is actively working to update the repertoire with new productions of the classics of world literature and works by contemporary authors.


Russian Drama Theater

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