The State Theater of Musical Comedy (Operetta) of Uzbekistan

The State Theater of Musical Comedy (Operetta) of Uzbekistan began its life in August 1972, when it was created by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Professor A.I. Ginzburg, who for many years headed the glorified troupe of the National Academic Theater of Uzbekistan, is appointed artistic director, and A.I. becomes the director. Vodchenko. They laid down all the concerns for the organization of a new theater group, which did not yet have its own building.

The backbone of the creative troupe consisted of graduates of the Gnessin Moscow Music School (course of Professor A. Ginzburg) and creative universities of Uzbekistan.

Young artists joined the group of experienced masters: conductor A. Serebryanik, S. Shadmanov, B. Rasulov, directors G. Spector, L. Vilkovich, choreographers I. Timme, A. Liang, F. Isaeva, artists V. Factorovich, A. Batykov, T. Mirov, artists L. Bessarabova, A. Karimov, I. Shalamaev, N. Dimova, B. Balabanov, N. Kaprielova, E. Kaprielov, Yu. Letov, V. Mitrofanova, V. Mishin, Z. Nightingale, F. Oleneva, N. Shatsky, N. Shibaeva, G. Shumsky, A. Shulga, ballet dancers A. Abdurakhmanov, F. Ismayev, R. Bektemirova and others. Many of them in the course of their creative work were awarded the honorary titles “Honored Artist of Uzbekistan”, “People’s Artist of Uzbekistan”, “Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan”, “Honored Artist of Uzbekistan”.


The State Theater of Musical Comedy (Operetta) of Uzbekistan

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