Theatre - Studio Silk Route Marionettes

Tashkent Children's Puppet Theater "Theater - Studio Silk Route Marionettes" is the first and only professional puppet theater in Central Asia. Being based on the centuries-old traditions of national Uzbek art "chodir-hael" (dolls on threads), having studied in detail the surviving chronicles, creatively comprehending the intrinsic value of the puppet show for the development of the human personality from youth to old age, new theater presents to the world a unique synthesis of modern stage technologies and freshness of the musical -plastic solutions with an exclusive heritage of the skill and aspirations of predecessors - puppeteer.

Puppets living and acting in the performances of our days, teach, develop, educate both children and adults; they arouse interest in the creative perception of life, revive sublime feelings from contact with the miracle of the scenic “revitalization” of colorful dolls and their reincarnation into memorable figures.

The classic and modern characters of fairy tales and stories in the theater now harmoniously exist in an atmosphere of advanced digital sound, light and visual effects. The progressive views of the creative team of the theater-studio, from graduates of specialized universities to venerable European teachers, bring into the performances a special atmosphere of momentum and belonging, lead to meaningful moral associations to strive to be better, more sympathetic, kinder


Theatre - Studio Silk Route Marionettes

Tashkent, Shayhantahur district, st. Coratosh, 5A
+998 95 198 83 83

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