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Youth Creativity Palace


  • "Medison"
    Germany,Austria. 2019 y.
    Twelve-year-old Madison aims to be as successful as her father, Timo, a professional cyclist.
    Timo puts too many demands on his daughter by naming her Madison, which means team cycling. Although Madison is still young, she needs to train at a summer cycling training camp. At the camp, the girl's passion for sports grows. Madison was forced to quit training because she could not control her anger during the team race. In addition, he now has to spend his vacation with his mother in the mountains of Tyrol. But Madison will not give up. He will continue to practice there. Suddenly, he is injured and stops exercising. That’s why the bike race is slowly starting to get out of the center of his attention. She meets her new local friend Vicky and the other kids. They ride their bikes in the mountains together. It is with her peers that Madison begins to enjoy cycling calmly and without pressure for the first time.


Youth Creativity Palace

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