Uylanishni xohlamayman

Tue 6.07.2021 19:30

Price: Children under 5 years old admission is free.
Children's tickets (from 6 to 11 years old) - 6000 UZS (+8% servis fee)
Adults (from 11 years old) - 15000 UZS (+8% servis fee)

Film director Kudratilla Dadajonov presents his new film. 

Entitled "I Don't Want to Get Married," the film is aimed at comedians.

MuhammadIso Abdulkhairov, Mirzabek Holmedov, Said Mukhtorov, Javlon Shodmonov, Surat Islamov, Rayhon Asadova, Bakhtiyor Turgunov,  Bobur Pirmatov and others took part in the film.

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