Wed 21.04.2021 18:30

What will be tomorrow?

An atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty swept the whole world. Uncertainty about tomorrow is an oppressive melody that resonates equally in the inhabitants of Tashkent, and in the inhabitants of Moscow, Chicago and Taipei.

What you fear will happen tomorrow.

An alarming “tomorrow” is felt by the main character of the play, the “little man”. The classic theme of Gogol’s “The Overcoat” will again sound on the Ilkhoma stage. What needs to be done so that “big people” reckon with you? How far can you go to overcome resentment and humiliation?

In 2016-2018, the laboratory of Artyom Kim staged successful performances at the Ilkhom Theater, such as Airport, Dog Heart, and Symphony. The authors have worked on the new Tomorrow project over the past two years.

The project was supported by KNAUF and private philanthropists. IP LLC “KNAUF GIPS BUKHARA” is an official friend and partner of the Ilkhom Theater.

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