Happy New Year, Luntik!

Sun 15.12.2019 18:00

Spectators will find five instructive winter stories in which they play an active role, because the guys know winter well and can help in a difficult situation.


"First snow"


Luntik with friends trying to find out who makes the snow and where it comes from? And also, who draws winter patterns on the windows and why not icicles?




Kuzya made friends pretty worried, not following the advice of adults and went on a visit, but loyal friendship and the web of Uncle Shnyuk saved a friend from a difficult situation.




Winter is a difficult period in the life of insects, and if you don’t get ready in time, a harsh winter can punish lazy caterpillars.


"Christmas tree"


In the winter meadow in front of the willow, all friends gathered and discuss the approach of the New Year. How wonderful it is to prepare gifts, meet guests and decorate the Christmas tree. Especially if the real Santa Claus brought decorations to the Christmas tree, which you can never see, but if you believe in it, then it will certainly appear.

"Happy New Year, Luntik!"


Everything is ready for the New Year, the guests gathered at the festive table, but here there are "uninvited" guests who absolutely do not know how to behave in society. Santa Claus exposes Wupsen and Pupsen and everyone joyfully celebrates the New Year.

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