New Year's adventures of the Barboskins

Sat 14.12.2019 15:00

    "The New Year Adventures of the Barboskins."


"Private Theater" presents an exciting musical tour show using the latest technology, dizzying effects, dances and songs. The performance from the directors of such hits as “New Year at the Barboskins” and “Barboskins in Cyberspace”.

Computer graphics, recognizable colorful costumes, contagious songs combined with the filigree art of the performers will give all guests a holiday and not a lasting impression. The performance involves real circus artists and favorite characters of all children - Barboskiny!

Wanting to capture the whole world, both villains use the fabulous vehicle of Santa Claus. Urgent action needed! With the help of a wonderful “snip”, Barboscins contact dogs from China, France and Australia. Everywhere they are waiting for their help, and a brave family makes a swift journey around the world. Only through joint efforts with the audience, the young Barboskins will be able to defeat the insidious enemies.



Come to the show. Barboskin needs your help!

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