"Zveri" band

Tue 29.10.2019 19:00

Peoples' Friendship Palace

70 000 - 800 000 UZS

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  • Звери" is going away to return! After 10 years the group once again perform in Tashkent!

    "Звери" is a Russian rock, pop group, created by Roman Bilyk (as known as Roma-Zver) in 2001 in Moscow. The musicians of the group were chosen by audition on the Internet. After a while, the music video for the song "Dlya Tebya" was released. After some time their first album “Голод” was released, many of songs became very popular and hit the top lines of the many charts. (“Дожди-пистолеты”, “Просто такая сильная любовь” “Для тебя” etc.). The group also appeared on the stage of the “Нашествие” festival for the first time. “Я ухожу, ухожу красиво”, the permanent leader of the group, Roma Bilyk, sings and blows up huge halls, for example, such as the Olimpiysky Sports Complex in Moscow!

    The second album of Zveri, named  “Районы-Кварталы”, was released on February 2004. ("Everything Regarding").

    After that, several music videos were released, which are still playing on popular TV channels. About the next two years, the group made tours throughout Russia and the countries of CIS. After that, "ZVERI" was awarded from Muz-TV and MTV.

    “У тебя в голове” is the name of the new mini-album of Zveri band. The premiere of this album took place on May 17, 2019. A real emotional storm awaits you because each song of the Beasts tells about real feelings.


Peoples' Friendship Palace

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