History of Samarkand City Afrosiab Museum

Wed 28.12.2022 09:00 - Sun 31.12.2023 17:00

History of Samarkand City Afrosiab Museum

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  • As a result of his research for 30 years by a special archaeological group established in Samarkand in 1958, archaeological periods of Afrosiob were identified, the architecture, material and spiritual culture, crafts, lifestyle of the ancient people were studied. Pictures of the world famous Afrosiob mural were also found and repaired. The items found by the expedition are kept and displayed in the Afrosiob Museum of the history of the city of Samarkand.

    The afrosiab museum was founded on 24 October 1970, and the museum dates back to the ancient afrosiab's history and material culture in miles.av. It illuminates the periods from the 8th century until the beginning of the 13th century.

    The museum building consists of two floors, in which there are 11 exposition halls. Each hall is distinguished by its history and times:

    About 2,500 materials are preserved and displayed in the museum's fund.


History of Samarkand City Afrosiab Museum

Тошкент йули, Самарканд, Узбекистан
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