Rare Devonbegi Madrasah

Wed 28.12.2022 09:00 - Sun 31.12.2023 17:00

Rare Devonbegi Madrasah

2 000 - 30 000 UZS

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  • Madrasah nadir Devonbegi was built in 1630-1635 of the XVII century by Nadir Mirzo Tagai Sultan, devonbegisi of Bukhara Khanate. The reason why the madrasa was erected at this very address - in its net there were khanakahs of the governor of Khoja Ahrori.

    When working on the nadir Devonbegi madrasa project, the view of the Sherdor madrasa on Registan Square was positively used. The madrasah is one-story and is built in a luxurious 4-porch way. The Madrasa consists of 3 components: a textbook, a bedroom, a room for servants.

    On the roof of the madrasah there are inscriptions indicating the start time of its construction, and the pattern decorations are examples of the creations of Master Khoja Hashim and engineer-creative Friendmuhammad.

    Nadir Devonbegi madrasah was included in the list of historical monuments in 1986.

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28 Dec 9:00 - 31 Dec 17:00
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