Regional Museum of local lore

Wed 28.12.2022 09:00 - Sun 31.12.2023 17:00

Regional Museum of local lore

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  • The museum was opened in December 1981 on the basis of the collections of the Museum of the history of Culture and art of Uzbekistan in a historic building belonging to the first Guild merchant Abram Kalantaro. Today the palace is rightfully considered an architectural monument of the early 20th century and is protected by the state. It is a historical profiled Museum in Samarkand, dedicated to the history of the local territory from ancient times to the beginning of the 20th century.

    The exposition of the museum has two sections: the Department of nature and the Department of history. All rooms inside the building are arranged in sequence, forming an enfilade.

    The hotel and some rooms were kept in their original form. The ceiling is decorated with carvings on a stick and painted with oil paints, along with gancha bars made in the style of carving “make-up” on the walls, colorful glass stained-glass stained glass windows give a special husn. To heat the building in winter, 7 mysterious ceramic-ornate “fireplace” furnaces were installed, the decoration of which gave the rooms a special husn and beauty.

    Items belonging to the first floor of the building from time immemorial to the beginning of the twentieth century, found in different regions of our country, introduce the specific history of the region, traditions and rituals of its peoples, primitive culture, the formation of milk, material culture of the early, developed and late Middle Ages, traditional national culture.

    In the museum, the expositions of the Department of nature also contain the animal and plant world of the region, including the endangered species of animals and plants included in the “Red Book”.

    Currently, the museum operates an exhibition “Jews of the past and present region”, organized with the support of the International Joint organization.


Regional Museum of local lore

Абдурахман Жомий улица, Samarkand, Узбекистан
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